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Cyberbullying and injury are problems in esports too.

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Anyone who is familiar with esports knows that harassment and bullying is commonplace and gaming can lead to serious injuries and an unhealthy lifestyle. In a school setting, educators are responsible for protecting their students, but no one in the industry has ever found an effective way to protect students from the toxic environment in academic esports, nor the health concerns that are so common.


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Making Academic Esports
Safer & Bully-Free.

Healthy Player One is an innovative software to monitor gameplay, report cyberbullying and manage injuries.

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How it works
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The Student App

is an application that is downloaded to a student's gaming PC 

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  • When a student is bullied, they can anonymously record and report the incident with a keyboard shortcut​

  • Built in timers limit the amount of time students can spend gaming

  • Students are required to report physical health symptoms through the health survey

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The Coach's Dashboard

is also a web-based application accessible from any browser, mobile or desktop

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  • Home page alerts coach of cyberbullying and health reports

  • Audio and video recordings of cyberbullying incidents are uploaded for review

  • Fully customizable timer settings manage students' gameplay

  • Live statistics about gameplay available 

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